Fire Safety in the Home

Cooking Fires

Cooking fires are a major cause of home fires.  They are usually caused by cooking oil overheating (without someone to watch it), grease that has accumulated on the stove or range hood, and dish towels or pot holders left to close to burners.

What You Can Do:

*When preparing food, don’t leave the cooking area unattended
*If a pan catches on fire, do not carry it … leave it on the stove, turn off the heat, cover the pan with a lid or use baking soda to extinguish the fire
*Provide a safe place for dishtowels and pot holders away from the heat of the stove.
*Don’t wear loose clothing while cooking and never reach across a burner.


Fires in couches, chairs and bedding are usually caused by someone carelessly dropping cigarettes or matches between the cushions.  

What You Can Do:

*Keep ashtrays in a safe place, not on the arms of sofas and chairs where they can be easily knocked off.

Heating Fires

Fires that occur in furnaces, heaters and fireplaces are usually a result of poor maintenance or faulty equipment.

What You Can Do:

*Never move furniture too close to a heater

*Hot water heater closets should never be used as a storage area

*Fireplaces should always have a protective screen to prevent sparks from flying onto carpet or furniture

*Never burn newspapers or trash in the fireplace

Trash & Rubbish Fires

Fires can easily start where trash and rubbish is allowed to collect

What You Can Do:

*If you save newspapers, be sure they are bundled tightly and stacked neatly, away from any heat source

*Trash should be kept in a trashcan or plastic trash bag, away from any heat source

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