• Summer BBQ Fire Safety


    With the nice warm weather, many enjoy cooking outdoors.  EWVFC2 warns to be cautious and careful while enjoying the your BBQ.

    “You have to keep an eye on barbecue grills at all times,” says East Windsor Co. 2 Chief Steve Genthe. “Flare-ups happen all the time, especially due to dripping grease and fat which actually serve as an accelerant.”

    Chief Genthe says backyard chefs should clean the grates and trays often, as they can also be the source of a grease and fat build-up, which can lead to out of control grill fires.

    He also says grills should be kept at least five feet from your home, and to avoid cooking near deck railings, under eaves or near overhanging trees. Never leave a grill unattended and keep children and pets a safe distance away.

    Chief Genthe says the National Fire Protection Association estimates that grill fires are the cause of nearly 20% of all structure fires in the U.S.